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"Frederick Garbrecht"  <FRED at bmt.mcw.edu> wrote:

>Just a little note in defense of Pharmacia (I am not in any way affiliated
>with Pharmacia, etc.); I don't really understand why everyone seems to
>be getting their feelings hurt because Pharmacia doesn't give away

never said they were, to the contrary!

>their products (including their nice little books) gratis.  This might be an

that was not my point. the point was that we did not get them ALTHOUGH we
were promised to get them, in case we buy the chromatography system.

>interesting and/or valuable thread if anyone had anything substantive
>to say with regard to the quality of Pharmacia's products and service
>and wanted to share that info with the net.  We have purchased

so I did:
     "Since they ARE good, we ended up buying them anyways."

>LARGE amounts of Pharmacia equipment and have been uniformly
>happy with performance of all of it.  The Pharmacia staff have been
>without exception nice to deal with, courteous and helpful.  The
>technical people that I have dealt with have always been interested in
>helping me solve my problems, and they have always sent me
>technical information without hassle (and without cost).  I wish I could
>say that about half the other companies that I have dealt with.
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please don't cite me, if you don't respond to MY statements.

still cheerful,


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