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> I, for one, have no complaint about Pharmacia.  I have many $$$$ in either
> Pharmacia or LKB (now part of Pharmacia) equipment, and have found it to
> be very reliable.  I, too, find the little books very helpful and would
> like some free new ones, but I realize that SOMEONE has to pay for those
> freebees- if not the user, then the next person who buys Pharmacia
> products.  I can't see complaining about having to pay for a new
> instruction manual- it's like any other part for a piece of equipment.
> Everyone would like scientific equipment and supplies to be cheaper, but
> FREE seems a little much to expect.

You know the stuff from Pharmacia used to be much more expensive than other
competitor's. I paid extra $$$$ for their equipments partly because of
their good service(they used to send out additional literature and manual
for no additional charge). What you defined FREE here is actually not free,
we have paid that by paying their high prices for their equipments.

If you are always hunting something cheap, certainly, FREE seems a little
bit much to expect. But hunting for cheap is at least not my philosophy at
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