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Helge Weissig helgew at LJCRF.EDU
Fri Mar 18 15:24:42 EST 1994

thought I share our latest Pharmacia experience:

We recently bought a chromatography system and a spectrophotometer. After a
long decision making process involving multiple consulting sessions with
both the reps for Pharmacia and BioRad (for the chromatography system), we
ended up buying it from BioRad.

The interesting thing was, that Pharmacia's representative offered to throw
in the neat little booklets, that were mentioned in this threat before, in
case we would buy the system from them. This was before we told her, that
we were going to buy the spec from Pharmacia in any case. The spec was 2/3
the price of the chromatography system, and when we decided to get only the
spec from Pharmacia, we were not worthy the free booklets anymore...

Since they ARE good, we ended up buying them anyways.

no hard feelings, but somehow it fits in, doesn't it.



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