Autoradiograph Binders??

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Fri Mar 18 12:32:40 EST 1994

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> Hi,
> I was wondering if anyone could direct me to a supplier of binders for storing
> sequencing autoradiographs. We are currently engaged in a rather large 
> sequencing project and would like to have a better way to file away our 
> autoradiographs. Any information I could get would be appreciated.
> 				Thanks in advance,
> 							Andrew Scott
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We just made our own.  They cost about $10 each, if I remember.
Get a three ring binder clip, rivet it to some heavy plastic folded to
make a cover, and fill it with transparent sheets folded in half and

Medical supply houses sell the equivalent for about $60.

You can also find fancy zip up holders in art supply stores for about
$50 (for 35cm x 43cm size).

Andrew Cockburn

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