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> > Yesterday, a lady from Pharmacia called me again and told me that there
> > will be no manual for me but I can order one from them and it costs $17. I
> > immediately cancelled the $25,000 order and  certainly, Pharmacia saved $17
> > overall:>.
> > 
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> > Ding Ming
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> Hooray for you! I hope you let Pharmacia know that you cancelled a HUGE
> $$$$
> order because they were pimping you over for a $17 manual.  Perhaps your
> sales
(stuff deleted).  
> Perhaps everyone who has had a problem with Pharmacia should copy the above
> message, sign it and send it to Pharmacia.  Might not change their policies
> but it would sure make me feel better.  So I will start the ball rolling, I
> am going to send the above message to Pharmacia (Ding Ming -- do you want
> your
> name and address deleted???? Let me know)  I hope you will all do the same,
> Ralph Nader would be proud.
> Virginia Dress
> dress at biosci.arizona.edu
> U of AZ
> Tucson

Interesting, I got a message from someone who works in technical support at
Pharmacia.  He gave me the company president's name and number and said he
going to forward all our comments to the president of the company.  
Well, at least ONE person at Pharmacia cares about what the customers
I know who I'm asking for next time I have to call with a problem.  
If this message gets forwarded too:
			To the President -- give this man a raise, he's got the right attitude
											customer service.  This attitude will cause much good will among
		         customers and bring you much more revenue than charging people
											a pop for a manual.  Better yet, promote him to a
											making position and demote the jerk that came up with the
											charges policy.

I'll let you all know if I hear from the President of the Company.  And
Ming, if
you are out there and the president calls you, demand a big discount on the

$25000 order you cancelled earlier (besides getting the manual FREE)

Virginia Dress

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