thermocycler summary

Susan L Forsburg susan_forsburg at
Sat Mar 19 15:19:23 EST 1994

Recently I asked for opinions on the Perkin Elmer 480, the Techne
PHC3 and the MJ Research PTC 100-60.  Numerous people responded with
their experiences---most of these were satisfied MJ users, one of
whom said their PE sits unused, now.  One Perkin Elmer user wrote in
satisfaction and there were no comments on the Techne.

No one said anything bad about any of these machines.

Ericomp's machine received a good report as well;  I didnt list it
in my query as its current capacity is below what we need.

We have purchased the MJ machine with a hot lid.

thanks to all who took the time to respond,

usual disclaimers,


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