Influenza HA tag

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Sat Mar 19 12:47:43 EST 1994

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(batu erman) wrote:

> I would like to tag the transcription factor that I work with, with an
> influenza  HA tag. Does anyone know:
> 1. where to get antibody for this epitope

There are two avaliable antibodies to HA tag. Monoclonal, called 12CA5
which I believe Bohringer sells, as well as the rabbit polyclonal called
HA.11 sold by BABCO Antibodies from California. I have nothing with these
companies other than bying their products.

> 2. whether I should tag at the 5' or 3' end (the DNA binding domain is at
> the 3'
> 			end of the protein)

You should tag it at the 5' end since you probably don't want it to
interfere with your DNA binding.

> 3. is there a sequence that the antibody recognizes better than others.

You are going to be able to find the exact sequence in any reference in
which the HA tag has been used, what will allow you to synthetize the
oligonucleotides  and stick them to your cDNA.

Good luck!


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