FLAG expression vector source?

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> Subject: FLAG expression vector source?
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> Hi!  I've been looking for a source of the FLAG expression vector.  It's
> supposed to make an 8-amino acid fusion with your protein, and the company
> that sells it also sells antibodies to the tag.  Should be an easy system
> for purifying proteins.  Has anyone heard of it, or know who sells it?
> Just curious...
> Thanks for your help!
> Andrew Reeves
> Andrew_Reeves at qms1.life.uiuc.edu

The series of FLAG plasmids is sold by IBI. We tried their original
system but discovered errors in their protocols which made it
impossible to isolate proteins on the affinity columns. They have since
updated their product and now have a whole series of plasmids which are
supposed to be useful for expressing specific types of proteins either
intra or extra-cellularly. We have not tried them.

Eric Carstens

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