RNA extraction of fungi

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: >     I am working in a total RNA isolation of Aspergillus niger but I 
: > found that the total RNA degradation. Could anyone tell me, what are the 
: > causes of RNA degradation during extraction process?
: >     Would you suggest me suitable method for the total RNA extraction and 
: > mRNA purification of this organism?
: >     Thank you
: >     Preecha Leangaramgul
: >      3636197 at mucc.mahidol.ac.th

: I'm not working on mRNA of fungi

Me neither, but I used to isolate RNA from E. coli with the hot phenol
method and found it to work very well. It's not in the Maniatis (I think)
therefore two references:

A. v. Gabain, J. G. Belasco, J. L. Schottel, A. C. Y. Chang and S. N. Cohen:
Decay of mRNA in Escherichia coli: investigation of the fate of specific
segments of transcripts. Proc. Natl. Acad. Sci. 80, 653--657, 1983

D. Georgellis, S. Arvidson, A. v. Gabain: Decay of ompA mRNA and processing
of 9S RNA are immediately affected by shifts in growth rate, but in
opposite manners. J. Bacteriol. 174, 5382--5390, 1992

You could also try the Chomczynski (sp?) method. Unfortunately you
don't mention the method you used.


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