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>I would like to tag the transcription factor that I work with, with an
>influenza  HA tag. Does anyone know:
>1. where to get antibody for this epitope
>2. whether I should tag at the 5' or 3' end (the DNA binding domain is at
>the 3'
>                        end of the protein)
>3. is there a sequence that the antibody recognizes better than others.
>Thanks alot,
>Batu Erman

You can get a polyclonal anti HA antibody from:

Babco Antibody Co.
4131 Lakeside Dr. Suite B
Richmond, CA 94806-1965
FAX 510-222-1867

These people used to supply the monoclonal, but they didn't renew their license
from Scripps Clinic to keep doing so. Someone else may have taken their place-
you'll have to find out from Scripps. Richard Lerner and Ian Wilson were on 
the original paper (Cell 37: 767 1984)- address:

Dept of Mol. Biol.
Research Inst of Scripps Clinic
La Jolla, CA 92037

I don't have a phone#.
I have used the monoclonal from Babco to detect a C-terminal 9 aa tag
(YPYDVPDYA). I could detect the epitope, but there was strong non-specific 
protein binding that I never could succeed in blocking. Another person in our
dept. had the same experience. However, I know that other people have had no 
problem with it, so it may have been a bad batch or it may not store well.
I have not used the polyclonal.The antibody can bind to the epitope on 
either N or C terminus- both have been done. The original peptide epitope 
is internal in the influenza hemaglutinin. For a good general account of 
tagging, see Kolodziej, PA and Young, RA, Methods in Enzymol 194: 508 1991.

Hope this helps,
Preston Garrison
Biochem. Dept.
San Antonio, Tx 78284-7760
garrisonp at

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