plasmid integrated or not ?

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Mon Mar 21 16:38:35 EST 1994

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Brian Smith-White <smithwhi at> wrote:
>In Article <2m30lr$mi3 at> "Theo at mendel.Berkeley.EDU (AT)" says:
>> The following question was posted to me by a friend. I told
>> him to use inverse PCR (i.e. shearing the DNA into small fragments
>> -> self ligation -> inverse PCR -> subcloning and sequencing
>> -> designing new primers -> PCR across the junction betwwen
>> the vector and genomic sequence using unsheared genomic DNA
>	Why do the second PCR step? If the product of the first PCR is larger
>than the distance between the two primers, what other interpretation could
>you generate? Would the second PCR be able to discriminate between this 
>interpretation and integration in the genome?

This is to role out possible artefact created during the ligation
before inverse PCR.

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