Re-use of electroporation cuvettes?

Harry Menegay hxm8 at
Mon Mar 21 16:44:43 EST 1994

In article <2mkkcm$o5v at> lsrgd at (Mr R D Williams) writes:
Mr R D Williams wrote

>Does anyone have any experience of re-using Bio-Rad's electroporation cuvettes
>after washing out the transformation mix with SOC? - i.e. Is there a cleaning
>protocol that effectively removes traces of both salt and DNA from the
>cuvette? Is simple washing with distilled water sufficient? How many times is
>it safe to re-use these expensive little things before arcing is likely?

I don't see why others are having problems.  I've been using the
SAME few cuvettes for 12 MONTHS now. (roughly 60 "zaps" each).  I simply
rinse well with dd H2O, and UV the suckers for a few minutes in our UV
stratalinker.  I'm about to change to a fresh set just because I'm worried
what all the UV may be doing to the plastic.  The UV kills all the bugs and
trashes any old vector as well.  With a good batch of electrocompetent cells
and my DNA resuspended in H2O (no ligation salt)  I still get time constents
of 4.0 - 5.0.  One of them did arc on me after a few uses, but that apparently
was due to too much salt in the ligation.  I've also never had any problems 
of contamination from old vector, due I'm sure to the UV treatment.

Good Luck,


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