Re-use of electroporation cuvettes?

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Mon Mar 21 13:02:27 EST 1994

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(Mr R D Williams) wrote:

> Does anyone have any experience of re-using Bio-Rad's electroporation cuvettes

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> it safe to re-use these expensive little things before arcing is likely?

    There were several posts on this subject about half a year ago.  I
think the upshot was something like soak the cuvettes with acid or bleach
for a bit to destroy any DNA that was there, then rinse the heck out of
them with dH2O to get rid of any salt. 
					Personally, I have been using the following procedure:

	   1) Rinse them out with 70% ethanol (to kill the bacteria and get most
of the           			      
       gunk physically out of the cuvette)
				2) Soak them in 0.1 M Nitric Acid for about 10 minutes
				3) Rinse them 10 times with STRONG squirts of dH2O to reach down into
	      very bottom of the cuvette
    4) Rinse them 2 times with 95% ethanol and let air dry

I'm going on the 4th and 5th reuse of the same cuvettes and haven't had any
noticable problems with sparcing or "positives" in my "negative" controls. 
Good luck.


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