sequencing 60 bp?

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> I have PCR'd out a fragment that is approximately 60 bp.  I am quite 
> sure that it is not just one fragment that I can sequence directly
> but that it is instead a multitude of fragments.  I will have to 
> subclone it into a vector of some sort and sequence several of the 
> subclones.  
> There are several methods for sequencing now - I am interested in 
> kind of situation.  

I hope you are not going to subclone 60bp

I would suggest cloning it!

Clone em using a T-vector prep and sequence a couple of dozen! 8)

> Tracey Zacharias
> Department of Biology
> University of Regina
> Regina, SK  Canada
> Zacharit at
> hearing what methods people are using and what is suggested for this	


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