Non-radioactive Labelling Kits

Casey Finnerty
Mon Mar 21 18:58:38 EST 1994

In article <94076.155619IXK3 at>, <IXK3 at> wrote:

> Has anyone had any particularily good or bad experiences with
> any of the random-primer kits for non-radioactive labelling that
> are easily available?  Or are they all as equally sensitive, reliable,
> and convenient as one another?

Our lab has been using the Genius kit from Boehringer Mannheim with
terrific results. I've used it to screen lambda ZAP II expression
libraries, Southerns and Northerns. Most of the time, colorimetric
detection is plenty sensitive. For some screenings, chemiluminescence is
recommended. One of the greatest features of non-radioactive probes is the
ability to reuse them. Simply pour the hybridization fluid into a conical
tube and freeze. I've reused such probes seven times with little
discernable loss of signal!

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