Philip OBrien obrien at CSUVAX1.MURDOCH.EDU.AU
Tue Mar 22 02:56:36 EST 1994

We have compared a number of methods for extraction of RNA from the 
fungus Rhizoctonia solani.  One method we found worked well is described 
in Logemann et al 1987 Anal Biochem 163,16-20.  Another method which also 
worked was described by DeVries et al. 1988 Plant Mol. Biol. Manual Eds 
Gelvin, Schilperoort, and Verma, Kluwer Academic Publishers Boston.  Both 
methods resulted in RNA yields of 150-250 ug/gmycelium.  The critical 
thing in isolating the RNA is to very quickly transfer the mycelium from 
the growth medium into liquid nitrogen.  Then quickly extract the RNA 
observing the precautions normally observed for working with RNA.

Philip O'Brien Murdoch Univ Western Australia.

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