Re-use of electroporation cuvettes?

Przemko przemko at
Tue Mar 22 10:42:02 EST 1994

In article <2mkkcm$o5v at> lsrgd at (Mr R D Williams) writes:
>Does anyone have any experience of re-using Bio-Rad's electroporation cuvettes
>after washing out the transformation mix with SOC? - i.e. Is there a cleaning
>protocol that effectively removes traces of both salt and DNA from the
>cuvette? Is simple washing with distilled water sufficient? How many times is
>it safe to re-use these expensive little things before arcing is likely?
>Thanks in advance,
>Richard Williams     lsrgd at

No problem. We reuse them many times over. The protocol is very simple.
ASAP after electroporations wash with tap water (I put a blue tip on the
end of the rubber tubing I have on my faucet so I can get rather high
water pressure), wash with deionized water, wash with 70% ethanol, 
dry on paper towels (upside down) and reuse.
NO AUTOCLAVING, NO BLEACH otherwise they will flash after two or three
attempts to reuse. Also if a cuvet flashes then it goes IMMEDIATELY
into garbage.
Hope it helps

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