G418 (for selection)

Dr M Fahmy lsrge at csv.warwick.ac.uk
Tue Mar 22 06:05:45 EST 1994

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>Why not use kanamycin instead?  It's lots cheaper than G418. 

That's my question too! From what I read, the same gene product confers
resistance to G418, neomycin, & kanamycin, so is there a reason
why it is G418 that most people seem to use? It does appear to be vastly
more expensive than any of the other alternatives.

If anyone has used the alternatives, are they directly interchangeable
on a molar basis, or if not what concentrations do you recommend? Currently
we're using 500 ug/ml active G418.

Many thanks,
Magdy Fahmy

M.Fahmy at warwick.ac.uk

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