Deletions by site directed mutagenesis

Tue Mar 22 10:46:46 EST 1994

Rgearding site directed mutagenesis, ZURLINDEN at ch.unibe.IMB asks about the
size of deletions which can be made.

I have published data using the phosphorothioate method (Amersham supplya kit) in which we made deletions of 48 and 91 base pairs with high efficiency, i.e.
over 65%. I have also done deletions of a couple of hundred base pairs with
similar results. Primers are typically 30 mers.

See Sayers, Krekel and Eckstein, Rapid high efficiency site-directed mutagenesis by the phosphorothioate approach. BIOTECHNIQUES, Vol. 13, N0. 4, 592-596 (1992).

I should declare an interst, I am Sayers and get about 50 cents for each Amersham kit sold. 

See also Sayers and Eckstein Chapter 3 in Directed Mutagenesis-A practical
approach IRL Press (Ed. McPherson, M), 1991, pp49-69.
Olsen, Sayers and Eckstein, METHODS IN ENZYMOLOGY, (1993) Vol. 217, pp179-182.

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