Advantages of 33-P

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Tue Mar 22 15:45:10 EST 1994

In article <1994Mar17.153537.93340 at> jost at writes:
>Could anyone out there enlighten me on the advantages of 33-P over 32-P.
>I understand that 33-P is a weaker emitter than 32-P, but apart from that,
>are there any other advantages or disavantages?
>Helen Jost


To my knowledge, there is two advantages, which could be important or not
depending the system you use.  First, it's a weaker emitter (It count when you 
work with 50-60 microCuries.  Second, it's half-life is 25 days (11 days more
than 32-P) which may count...

Major inconvenient: Here in Quebec, it is *VERY* expensive... (In fact, not
affortable for us)

Stephane Parent
U. of Montreal

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