The "RACE" for 5'ends

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> Did anybody have success with Clontech's amplifinder kit?
> I know there is a similar kit from BRL, is that one ok?
> How could I improve the "RACE" technology?

I have used the GIBCO/BRL 5' RACE kit with good success to clone the 5'
end of a G protein beta subunit cDNA.  My only complaint about the kit
is that the anchor primer supplied contians uracil residues for
(downstream) cloning using a uracil deglycosylase system sold by (guess
who) GIBCO/BRL.  Transformation of uracil-contianing plasmids into dut+
strains leads to rearrangements, etc.  I found a reduced number of
clones upon transformation, but was able to fish out the few that had
my insert.  Interestingly, when I made an anchor primer that was
lacking the uracil stuff, it didn't work at all!

John Watson
Caltech Biology
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