About Pharmacia.....

Shiao Y. Wang sywang at whale.st.usm.edu
Tue Mar 22 14:07:01 EST 1994

JOHN PROUDMAN (jproudman at ASRR.ARSUSDA.GOV) wrote:
: I, for one, have no complaint about Pharmacia.  I have many $$$$ in either
: Pharmacia or LKB (now part of Pharmacia) equipment, and have found it to
: be very reliable.  I, too, find the little books very helpful and would
: like some free new ones, but I realize that SOMEONE has to pay for those
: freebees- if not the user, then the next person who buys Pharmacia
: products.  I can't see complaining about having to pay for a new
: instruction manual- it's like any other part for a piece of equipment.
: Everyone would like scientific equipment and supplies to be cheaper, but
: FREE seems a little much to expect.
: Just my $.02 worth- no connection with Pharmacia (other than spending $$ there).

I agree. I've found Pharmacia equipment of be of high quality. They used
to be considered more expensive but my impression now is that they are
quite competitive. The problem is that people want things for free (myself
included). If someone loses a manual, it's not Pharmacia's fault and
someone has to pay for it. Photocoping is inexpensive but the manpower to
support a service department is.

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