RNA from CsCl or Quiagen plasmid?

JOHNSON_T johnson_t at am.pclsv3.sandoz.com
Wed Mar 23 17:59:58 EST 1994

I remember looking at a few articles on the network 
regarding RNA transcription from plasmids, but at the 
time I discarded them because I simply could not read all 
the postings.  I now would like the information but I 
cannot access the archives from my computer.  Company 
security only allows us to send and receive mail.  I 
would greatly appreciate it if some one could tell me 
about RNA transcription from Quiagen/Wizard plasmid preps 
vs. CsCl.  Does the RNase used in the Quiagen/Wizard 
preparations destroy in vitro transcripts.  I suppose it 
would be better to use CsCl purified plasmid instead.

Thanks in advance

Todd M. Johnson
Sandoz Research Institute

E-mail  Johnson_T at AM.pclsv3.sandoz.com

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