the "Eijen" <sic> for fluor-PCR?

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Wed Mar 23 17:40:28 EST 1994

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>Greetings, all.  A colleague just asked me about an instrument she only knows
>as "The Eijen" (spelling could be _way_ off here, let's all think
>phonetically!).  It evidently detects results of allele-specific PCR (using
>fluroescent label) without use of a gel or imager... supposedly a relatively
>small-ticket item.  Has anyone heard of this device? Was my colleague
>misinformed? Any illuminating comments will be appreciated, as always!
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Could you be thinking of electrochemiluminescence detection of PCR products?
There is a machine available for this, but it's no small ticket item. It is
made by IGEN, Inc., Rockville, Md. in conjunction with Perkin-Elmer for
clinical diagnostics. If this is what you're speaking of, I can give more
details of the operation. Uh, BTW, was the use of the word "illuminating"
your way of giving some kind of hint? :-)

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