Advantages of 33-P

Dan Diaz bl275 at cleveland.Freenet.Edu
Wed Mar 23 21:18:25 EST 1994

In a previous article, ALSOBROOK at (John Alsobrook) says:

>Here in the lower 48 it is also VERY expensive, about 4 times more in fact. In
>my opinion, the extra cost isn't justified by the reduction in particle energy;
>it's till more energetic than 35S. I doubt that it reduces the cost of our
>radioactive waste stream very much, either.  But our technician feels
>otherwise, and so we spend 4x on our isotope budget...

as i've stated in previous postings in this thread, 33-P is not worth the
added expense, especially for academic labs on a tight budget.  after
trying 33-P for a number of applications, i have gone back to 35-S for
sequencing and 32-P for everything else.  35-S sequencing gels are
beautiful, sharp, and can be squeezed to the limit for the most sequence. 
33-P reactions go to pot very quickly, making it necessary to do Sequenase
reactions the same day the gel is to be run.  35-S is safe and
cost-effective.  32-P is cheap, and can be used safely by any competent
trained person.  experiment with adjusting the activity of your probes to
either 1) minimize autoradiography time for rapid results or 2) minimize
exposure by diluting with cold label.  i too had high hopes for 33-P, but
the cost, the superior resolution of 35-S for sequencing, and the lack of
insoluble disadvatages of 32-P have led me to forego this marketing gimmick
and go back to the old reliable classics.  above all, enjoy science, it's
fun and sure as hell beats sitting at a desk pushing papers around.

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