Qiacrap --> RNA

Wed Mar 23 19:39:02 EST 1994

Hello, I used to use Qiagen to maxiprep DNA clones of my RNA viruses, which
I then transcribed and transfected to recover virus. The Qiagen system seemed
to produce undegraded RNA that was transfectable, but sometimes I got low
yields of virus. When I switched to CsCl banding (kicking and screaming),
I got better yields of RNA/input DNA and always recover virus. There are
obviously a lot of other factors that could affect virus yield, but for my
money, I have made the switch. IMHO, any single step "purification" is not
really a purification at all. So, YES, you can get undegraded RNA from Qiagen,\
but depending on your application, my may want to consider investing a couple
of extra hours to get gold-standard DNA.

brett at borcim.wustl.edu

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