Re-use of electroporation cuvettes?

Peter M. Muriana muriana at
Thu Mar 24 11:35:58 EST 1994

In article <1994Mar24.104032.1 at>, malaine at writes:
>> Hi!
>> No problem. We reuse them many times 
...............stuff deleted...........
>> NO AUTOCLAVING, NO BLEACH otherwise they will flash after two or three
>> attempts to reuse. Also if a cuvet flashes then it goes IMMEDIATELY
>> into garbage.
>This is not quite true, because I've been using cuvettes over 20 times now and
>after every time I have soaked cuvettes in diluted bleach for 20 min. After
>that cuvettes have been rinsed thoroughly in dH2O, then rinsed with 70 % EtOH
>and finally with 100 % EtOH..........stuff deleted........ And very RARELY
> I have seen any sparking at all. Whether it is sparking
>or not is more up to your sample and the amount of salts in that.
>Marko Laine
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>Dept. of Plant Physiology   
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Marko, I presume from your affiliation you may be electroporating cells 
other than bacteria which often require high voltages compared to other
types of cells; the arcing (in our hands) also depends on what type of 
parallel resistance is chosen on the electroporation device.
Regards, Peter

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