Re-use of electroporation cuvettes?

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Thu Mar 24 03:40:32 EST 1994

> Hi!
> No problem. We reuse them many times over. The protocol is very simple.
> ASAP after electroporations wash with tap water (I put a blue tip on the
> end of the rubber tubing I have on my faucet so I can get rather high
> water pressure), wash with deionized water, wash with 70% ethanol, 
> dry on paper towels (upside down) and reuse.
> NO AUTOCLAVING, NO BLEACH otherwise they will flash after two or three
> attempts to reuse. Also if a cuvet flashes then it goes IMMEDIATELY
> into garbage.

This is not quite true, because I've been using cuvettes over 20 times now and
after every time I have soaked cuvettes in diluted bleach for 20 min. After
that cuvettes have been rinsed thoroughly in dH2O, then rinsed with 70 % EtOH
and finally with 100 % EtOH. Then I inverted cuvettes onto a clean paper towel
in flaminar food and let them dry completely. After that they are ready to use
again. And very RARELY I have seen any sparking at all. Whether it is sparking
or not is more up to your sample and the amount of salts in that.


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