Apurinic sites?

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Thu Mar 24 10:21:00 EST 1994

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> Dear netters,
>     I'm posting this for a friend. He wants to know how to depurinate 
> supercoiled DNA, and HOW to detect the amount of this depurination. The method 
> he is doing now is the next:
>      o Incubation of the supercoiled plasmid in Tris-HCL 0.01M (pH=5.2); NaCl 
> 0.1M; Sodium citrate 0.01M, during 15-20 minutes, at 70 C.
>      o Aliquots of this incubations are denaturalized by 2 hours incubation at 
> room temperature, in K2HPO4-KOH 0.3M (pH=12.3). 
>      o Neutralization using KH2PO4-HCl 1M (pH=4.0).
>      o This samples are loaded in agarose gels, stained with ethium bromide to 
> detect the amount of supercoiled or relaxed plasmid.
>      If you have any other method that works, please let me know about it.
	Use alkaline sucrose gradients collected through a UV monitor. The 
protocols are preserved in some papers by F. Studier and his coworkers from 
the 1960s. The agarose gel is much to insensitive.
>      Thanks in advance.
>      Miguel Angel RODRIGUEZ-GABRIEL
>      Centro de Biologia Molecular
>      Universidad Autonoma de Madrid
>      Cantoblanco. 28049 Madrid. SPAIN.
>      FAX: 34-1-3974799
>      e-mail: marodriguez at mvax.cbm.uam.es

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