digital cameras

Torsten Klade torsten at
Thu Mar 24 13:01:38 EST 1994

Luke Newman wrote:
:Does anyone have any experience of using digital cameras for capturing
:images of UV transilluminated gels directly to a PC ? Can you
recommend any
:relatively cheap options ?

:Please email me direct. I shall summarize for the group if there is

:Thanks very much in advance,

Dear Luke!

We are working with a digital camera to combine UV transilluminated gel
photos directly with PC dataprocessing.
If you are interessted in further details, which I`ll figure out,
mail me your e-mail address. I couldn`t find it with your message,
maybe our 
network didn`t print the complete head of your message, or your network
didn`t send it properly. Anyway....

Take care

Klade Torsten (torsten at
University of Salzburg, Austria

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