Homemade nonrad. blot detection

Richard Near rocket1 at bu.edu
Thu Mar 24 14:59:00 EST 1994

I am interested in doing Southerns and Northerns using some kind
of non-radioactive detection kit.  I've looked thru several
catalogues and am impressed (nonfavorably) with the expense
of these kits.  I was WONDERING: Are there any non-propriety
reagents with which to make a homemade non-radioactive kit
(I would be interested in luminescent techniques, but would 
consider dyes or other techniques)?  Also which is the least
expensive kit that works?
Since I'm new to this are there any books/review articles/useful
articles anyone would care to recommend?

Thanks mucho
(If I get a good response I'll Post the results)

Rocket1 at bu.edu

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