Enzyme test for ghost bands

Paul N Hengen pnh at fcsparc6.ncifcrf.gov
Thu Mar 24 13:04:18 EST 1994

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bss032 at vaxa.bangor.ac.uk writes:

:Dear Ghost-Band Busters,
:I have a cloned and overexpressed enzyme which specifically degrades ssDNA
:whilst leaving ds plasmids intact, it is called t5 exonuclease and I will send
:some to anyone in the UK who has a plasmid prep. complete with ghost band.
:IF the band is really a deletion of the plasmid it will be undegraded by T5.
:IF, however, it is a circular ssDNA (some replication intermediate) then
:my exonuclease (with ss enodnuclease activity) will kill it off.
:Should be worth a one-pager in NAR?

...And a mention in a follow-up article in TIBS!


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