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> Hi,
> does anyone out there care to recommend or reference a sure-fire method
> making a PCR product ready for ligation with a linker via blunt-end
> In other work, we've used primers with restriction sites and we've done
> cloning also...this is something different...we really need to ligate
> to PCR products via blunt-end ligation.  Any suggestions?
> Thanks,
> 	Al McGraw

I don't work for pharmacia but can say I've had good luck with the
sureclone kits they sell.  Not cheap, $225 for 25 rxns but once your sure
your blunt ended CIAP treated vector doesn't self ligate, don't do a
vector alone ligation control. 

If someone else can post another sure fire method, I'd love to try it and
switch to save some bucks but for now, I clone all my PCR products into
Sma cut pSP72 with sureclone. 

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