looking for a mice heart cell line

Marion Freistadt mfreis at lsumc.edu
Fri Mar 25 18:38:46 EST 1994

>>        I am looking for a mice heart cell line, more specifically a cardiac
>>muscle cell line.  I looked up the catalog from American Type Culture
>>, and I couldn't find one.  The closest one is a rat heart cell line
>>, but it behaves like a skeletal muscle, so I am not sure whether I shall use
>>        I will greatly appreciate your help and any suggestion on this matter.
>>mman at molbio.cbs.umn.edu

Look up the work from William Claycomb, Joe Del Carpio and Lauren Field. 
They use atrial myocytes from transgenic mice that have an atrial-specific
promotoer driving the SV40 T Ag.  They have developed culture conditions
where the cells beat in culture, and express atrial-specific markers.  They
have carried the lines for four years.

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