Bio-Rad Prep-A-Gene

James S. Sutcliffe jamess at
Fri Mar 25 15:51:51 EST 1994

>Hi, there:
>Since the Wizard miniprep kit has not been working very well 
>for sequencing, has anybody tried the Bio-Rad Prep-A-Gene instead?
>How does it work?

We had a somewhat obnoxious Bio_rad rep come around the other day raving 
about the virtues of the prep-a-gene system. Part of this discourse 
involved a detailed account of how Promega had been infringing upon BioRads
patent. BioRad sued and forced the change from Magic to Wizard on the part of
promega. (BTW, it was the resin that was the problem). She claims that the
Prep-a-gene system is basically identical to the magic system. I don't think
they have a vacuum-based set-up however. I've never used the prep-a-gene
system, so I can't address your question, but given the endless thread on
this topic, I thought this might be of interest. I hadn't recalled a
definitive account of why Promega made the switch. I believe that patent
infringment had been discussed, but I'm not sure whether definitive info was
presented. (I'm not sure whether to believe this rep, for that matter). She
says the new resin is a silica ("glassmilk") substance. I use neither
Promega's nor BioRad's system. I like Quiagen for large  (maxi) preps, and do
minipreps without a kit. (I'm not affiliated with any company).


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