PCR for 6-7 kb

Dan Diaz bl275 at cleveland.Freenet.Edu
Sat Mar 26 00:06:56 EST 1994

In a previous article, lukasz at wlheye.jsei.ucla.edu (Lukasz Salwinski) says:

>I've got no problems with PCRing whole plasmids (pUC18 with
>an insert) as large as 5.1kb from both minipreps and single
>colonies. It only difference from the standard protocols
>is I extended incubation time to 6 min (ie roughly 1min/kb)
>Some information about PCRing large size fragments can be
>found in: PCR. A pratical approach. Author (???), Page: ~100-110

the latest Penis, er, i mean PNAS has an article wherein Wayne Barnes, who
gave the world Delta Taq, Klentaq, and its kin (neat PCR enzymes) claims to
be able to amplify 30 kb using a mixture of Klentaq and Pfu polymerases.

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