ATCC on the net somewhere?

Lynda Callicotte callicot at
Sat Mar 26 00:23:02 EST 1994

In article <dotzlaw-210394125839 at> dotzlaw at (Helmut Dotzlaw) writes:
>From: dotzlaw at (Helmut Dotzlaw)
>Subject: ATCC on the net somewhere?
>Date: Mon, 21 Mar 1994 12:58:38 -0600

>I heard that the American Type Culture Collection is on the net.  Anyone
>know where?

>Please reply via e-mail if possible, thanks,


>Helmut Dotzlaw
>  University of Manitoba 
>    Dept. of Biochemistry and Molecular Biology
>       dotzlaw at

My information is that you type gopher  After you 
connect to the Johns Hopkins host server, select "culture collections" then 
"ATCC", then the culture database you want to search.  You can get help by 
sending e-mail to gopher at  This is according to a file a found in 

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