Promoter for Ampicillin in plasmids.

Bill Jack jack at
Fri Mar 25 15:52:49 EST 1994

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        >things deleted<
> My question is would I be disabling the promoter used for the Amp. gene by 
>  cutting with SspI?
> I plan to do the same with a construct in pUC18 by removing the HindIII-SspI
> fragment. From the reference I get from the NEB catalog page 158, the mature
> beta-lactamase is from 2417 to 1629 while the SspI site is at 2501. I do think
> that both plasmids share this same region if not more (from base 756 to 2686 by
> fasta on linear sequences).

 The -10 region on pUC19 is centered on nucleotide 2530, and the -35 at
2554. The start codon for the precursor of beta-lactamase is 2486 (the
signal sequence is trimmed off). In short, SspI will separate the coding
region from the promoter.

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