Adding Restriction sites to Primers

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Sun Mar 27 14:24:39 EST 1994

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> Hello netters,
> I've picked a couple of primers to PCR my target and now wouuld like to
> add restriction sites to the 5' ends of them. What are the
> pitfalls, if any, to be avoided in doing this. Any helpful hints or
> anecdotes will be greatly appreciated! Thanks in advance
> Mark Brudnak
> University of Tulsa

I follow the guidelines in the appendix for the NEB catalog listing cutting
efficiencies vs. overhang length.  Whatever the longest they report, I add a
couple of extra bases onto that.  I haven't had problems with the length of my
5' overhang.  I was able to get a primer with a 77 base overhang to PCR up
just fine (the homologous region was about 22nt and I annealed at 55oC).
Unless there are some constraints on cost, don't be stingy with the length
of the overhang.

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