mRNA from Total RNA

saast8 at saast8 at
Sun Mar 27 22:28:32 EST 1994

	I am trying to get some mRNA from total RNA. Now,
I know I can go and get a kit or something or use some kind
of column. But I am an undergrad and can't spend too much
money on kits. I have heard that there is a sort of poly-T
resin, like Gene-Clean's 'Glassmilk' that is disposable and 
does the same thing. Evidently, you mix the resin with the 
total RNA and then elute the mRNA afterwards. Most
importantly, I have heard that it's pretty cheap. Has anyone
used such a thing and could you tell me who supplies it?

	Direct response to the above address would be 
most kindly appreciated.

						Prince Ali.

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