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>> I am sure this has been covered before....
>> I am having trouble getting TIGHT bands with Northern blots from 
>> formaldehyde RNA gels...  When I cut off the ladder from the gel and look 
>> at it sideways the bands are "tilted" i.e. ( / )   
>Sounds to me like your gel comb isn't vertical when you start.  I have seen
>much the same with DNA gels when the comb leans forward or back.  
>Claudia aka cas9 at cornell.edu

Possibly a leaning comb but with DNA gels if the buffer concentration in
the gel is different to that in the tank and the gel is not allowed to
equilebrate fully then you also get leaning bands.  This is due to a
current gradient set up by the buffer gradient in the gel as it is
equilibrating causing the DNA to migrate at different rates in the bottom
of the gel as opposed to the top.

Hope this helps.

Cheers, Klaus
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