PCR based site-specific Mutagenisis

Simon Twigger mbxsnt at unicorn.nott.ac.uk
Mon Mar 28 17:19:58 EST 1994

I am trying to find a method for site specific mutagenesis using PCR to
change a few codons in a protein I have. Basically I want to change a Lys
-> Arg in about 5 places I should think. Right now I havent narrowed down
the Lysines I want to change so I cant say where in the coding region they
are or how close together they are.
		I was wondering if anyone out there can recommend a method that isnt too
hard to pull off. I havent got vast amounts of time to get these
experiments done so I thought I'd post a note here and see if any kind
person can save me some time looking though lots and lots of catalogues and
		Any help or recommendations will be gratefully accepted! Please dont
hesitiate to mail me if you need more info about what I am actually trying
to do.

Thanks in advance,


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