Blobs on 35S sequencing gels

Dr. M. Rhodes mrhodes at
Wed Mar 16 07:51:55 EST 1994

We have been carrying out 35S sequebcing reactions and have hit a problem
WE keep getting a "Blob" not a band but definately a blob approx 1cm accross
going across the whole gel where samples are loaded. It appears to be present 
when you just load the pure 35S-dATP. 
Could it be 
a) the gel we use National Electrophoresis Rapid gel
b) heating at 75 degrees in formamide
c) anything
I have nether encountered anything like this before so if anyone has any suggestions 
I would be only to pleased to hear them as thr "blob" is ruining our results

thanks in advance 
Michael Rhodes
email: mrhodes at

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