Electroporation of Mammalian cells

Mr. J.H. Slingsby jslingsb at crc.ac.uk
Tue Mar 15 08:34:50 EST 1994

We are interested in electroporating HepG2 cells.  Has anyone successfully 
transfected constructs into these cells?  If so any guidance regarding 
preparation of cells for electroporating, as well as which parameters
(voltage, cpacitance, resistance) might be used will be appreciated.  
There appears to be no reference in the literature to successful electro-
poration of HepG2. If there are any refs. then this will suffice.

Mr. J Slingsby and Dr. A K Vaishnaw
Hammersmith Hospital
London, U.K.
E-mail jslingsb at uk.ac.mrc.hgmp

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