Which pipetters to purchase?

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In article <jspaffor.1115224515C at NEWS.SRV.UALBERTA.CA>, jspaffor at gpu.srv.ualberta.ca (J. David Spafford) writes:
> We are looking to buy new pipetters for our lab and would like some feedback
> as to which brands have worked best for others.  We have used Eppendorfs and
> are mildly happy with them. However, we found them difficult to calibrate
> ourselves.  I am impressed with the Gilson brand although they appear to be
> the most expensive.  Others, like the Nichiryo brand are cheaper, but is the
> quality the same?  We do a lot of PCR and cloning and need them to be
> accurate in the 1-10 ul, 10-100 ul, 100-1000 ul range.
> Thanks in advance.  (No sales people please).

I would strongly encourage you to get familiar with Finnpipets. IMHO they are
the best ones I've ever used and, conveniently, you can simply calibrate them
by yourself. All the service needed is easy to do using tools which come with
the pipets. They have pipets of five different sizes (0.5-10ul, 5-40 ul, 
40-200 ul, 200-1000ul and 1-5 ml), which should also meet your criteria.
Unfortunately I can't remember the representative in the Canada or States, but
I'm sure somebody will know it.

Best of luck! 


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