Which pipetters to purchase?

Torsten Klade torsten at dgen10.gen.sbg.ac.at
Mon Mar 28 06:32:20 EST 1994

Dear Netters!

David Spafford wrote:
-We are looking to buy new pipetters for our lab and would like some
-as to which brands have worked best for others.  We have used
Eppendorfs and
-are mildly happy with them. However, we found them difficult to
-ourselves.  I am impressed with the Gilson brand although they appear
to be
-the most expensive.  Others, like the Nichiryo brand are cheaper, but
is the
-quality the same?  We do a lot of PCR and cloning and need them to be
-accurate in the 1-10 ul, 10-100 ul, 100-1000 ul range.

We are looking forward to buy new pipetters, too. Are there any
additional to companies mentioned above, like Pipetti from Labsystems.
First tests showed that they`re even more exact than Gilsons. Our
PCR-people said that`s possible to pipette amounts smaller than 1 ul,
which is rather difficult with a Gilson. Further you can use all common
tips, but this never has been a problem with Gilson anyway.
Please e-mail any proposals, and thank you in advance,


torsten at dgen10.gen.sbg.ac.at

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