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Mon Mar 28 13:34:10 EST 1994

To whom it may concern,

I've recently constructed a cDNA library in Lambda zapII but have not been able
to pop any of my inserts out.  My positive screens were unambiguous, but I've
had some technical problems with my southerns.  The plasmid rescue protocol has
not worked with the ExAssist/SORL system, but I did manage to get cells to grow
with the ExAssist/AlbeC or AbleK system (these reduce the copy number of the plasmid)
but the plasmids contained no insert.  I've been wracking my brain for the last
3 weeks over this problem.  Has anyone had this problem with the lambda zapII?
My negative plaques have popped out empty insert with no problem so I know it's not
the helper phage or the cell lines.  

Any advise would be welcome.

Joyce Setsuda 		joyce at
McPherson Lab		909-787-3397
Dept. of Biochemistry
University of California, Riverside

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