Blobs on 35S sequencing gels

Zophonias Oddur Jonsson zjons at
Mon Mar 28 12:33:02 EST 1994

In <2m6vdb$l01 at> mrhodes at (Dr. M. Rhodes) writes:

>We have been carrying out 35S sequebcing reactions and have hit a problem
>WE keep getting a "Blob" not a band but definately a blob approx 1cm accross
>going across the whole gel where samples are loaded. It appears to be present 
>when you just load the pure 35S-dATP. 

Sounds like a buffer problem to me.  We had a similar problem when we ran gels
cast with a batch of TBE with a slightly different pH from the buffer that we
used to run the gels.  

Good luck
Zophonias O. Jonsson

>thanks in advance 
>Michael Rhodes
>email: mrhodes at

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