Matchmaker 2 hybrid system

Zhongguo Xiong zxiong at
Mon Mar 28 10:47:03 EST 1994

In article <carols-230394133511 at> carols at (Carol Scaramuzzi) writes:
>Dear Netfolk

>I am interested in using the Matchermaker Two hybrid system to investigate
>protein-protein interactions between E.coli proteins. This sytem reportedly
>works well for eukaryotic genes and their products but I have no
>evidence/information concerning the expression of prokaryotic genes. Can
>anyone help!. That is, has anyone used this system for bacterial proteins
>or have an opinion as to the likely outcome. 

I was interested in the Matchmaker system and did a litle research on it. It 
appears working with eukaryotic protein that are targeted into nuclei. If you 
are interested in a cytoplasmic protein, the chance for it to work is slim. I 
hoped to use this system to study RNA virus-host gene interaction, but 
eventually abandoned this idea for that reason.

Hope this helps. Correct me if I am wrong.

Z. Xiong

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