The sizes of biotin, digoxigenin, FITC, etc.

Wasun Chantratita asmsi002 at CMU.CHIANGMAI.AC.TH
Mon Mar 28 12:08:59 EST 1994

Dear Netters
	I am  now working on nonradioactive in situ hybridization, in 
situ PCR and FISH (Fluorescent in situ hybridization).
	I would like to know the size (Diameter) of these following 
	1. Biotin molecule                  ----------        ----------   
	2. Digoxigenin molecule             ----------        ----------    
	3. Streptavidin molecule            ----------        ----------
        4. FITC                             ----------        ----------
        5. Alkaline Phosphatase             ----------

	These information will be very helful/useful for perfoming in situ 
hybridization techniques with various types of polynucleotide and 
oligonucleotide probes labeled with these nonradioisotope ligands

P.S. Your kindness of size information of one of these molecules would 
be deeply appreciated

Thankyou in advance


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